Vitamin C Is About To Be Produced Unlawful In Canada! Dietary Supplements Banned In Canada! Monthly bill C-51


So you want to acquire Vitamin C, how about if it was illegal to get that vitamin C, what if it was so unlawful that you could be thrown in jail for up to 2 decades and fined up to $5,000,000! Seems like fiction does not it?

Very well it can be about to become reality until individuals come to be aware of what is likely on. The Canadian Governing administration is hoping to pass a bill identified as Invoice C51. This monthly bill has currently passed its next reading and it is flying less than the radar, it is very shut to turning out to be legislation and some powers that be Don’t WANT YOU TO KNOW! This invoice would give overall regulate of supplements about to drug providers by only permitting MDs to “Prescribe” them as they see in good shape. Of program we know below in this country the governing administration controls the doctors and the pharmaceutical businesses notify the govt what rules they want inorder to make far more gain. What this means is that if you want to just take a multivitamin or some Omega-3, you have to book an appointment with your doctor, go in and test to influence your health practitioner that you are in require of these nutritional supplements. If you physician would not approve or superior but decides a particular drug would be better off for you then you sadly would not have entry to your supplements any longer.

On leading of this the full purely natural complement marketplace will collapse on by itself, 1000’s of work opportunities will be misplaced and even more strain will be put on our now crumbing more than-stressed health care process. Consider waiting around more than a thirty day period to get in to see your MD just to request if you can consider some oregano oil for a chilly that has now appear and past, only to have your ask for denied in any case.

The irony of all this is that MDs who are NOT skilled in the use of herbs and health supplements for the most portion will have entire regulate in excess of what you can and Can’t Take. To summarize:

– No A lot more Supplement Shops!

– Dietary supplements are manufactured unlawful unless acquired by means of a prescription and 70% of all present-day nutritional supplements on the market place will be removed!

– Price ranges for available supplements will be increased than they are at present owing to the monopolization, and remaining made into prescriptions!

– Restrict analysis and growth of safe and sound natural alternate options in favor of high threat drugs!

– Punish Canadians with small or no opportunity for safety or recourse for merely talking about or giving a all-natural solution without the need of the acceptance of federal government!

– Fines of up to $5,000,000.00 and/or request 2 many years in jail for every incident of becoming caught breaking any of these newly applied legislation. This incorporates Applying OR Offering Nutritional supplements With out Government Acceptance!

– YOU WILL Eliminate ALL YOUR Legal rights AND Freedom OF Decision Regarding YOUR Possess Private USE OF Supplements and Pure Medication IN CANADA!

No Far more Vitamin C, No More Omega-3, No A lot more Oregano Oil, No A lot more Purely natural Multivitamins, No far more purely natural sleep aids, NO Far more HERBS, Natural vitamins, MINERALS. No additional choice in what YOU want to do for YOUR Wellness!

It has been stated that these types of actions had been the initially issues to come about in advance of the NAZIs gained ability. Even if you aren’t intrigued in having health supplements oneself, you need to understand that these varieties of actions are foremost our modern society away from democracy and into some sort of dictatorship run govt in which people today are getting rid of their personalized ability and allowing the federal government to do nearly anything they want.

Some rumors bordering bill C-51 is that it is staying pushed in advance by pharmaceutical company funding that want total handle of the dietary supplement market by creating them prescription only. It is really ALL ABOUT THE Income! They are Really interested in you using supplements, because if you do odds are a lot less most likely you can expect to need THEIR Drugs. On best of this rumor has it that the Canadian minister of well being himself has really massive investments in pharmaceutical corporations, additional backing Monthly bill C-51 so he himself can revenue from it! The worst element is he is likely out and telling the ill informed that it is in their very best pursuits. Individuals out there need to have to know the real truth!

What can you do?
Enable people today know, the ideal factor you can do is distribute the term about this difficulty. When main media start off to consider this significantly and go over the story extra, then we can prevent these really destructive adjustments. Begin a petition or indication a person of the current kinds heading around. This is genuinely happening men and women and if we you should not try to cease it now we will be shelling out for it in the decades to arrive.

Support Prevent Invoice C-51 before it passes. ITS NOT Way too LATE! This is a really frightening reality that would make it possible for pharmaceutical drug corporations comprehensive command over the Canadian Health Procedure. It will be the stop of the complete normal wellbeing market, and the stop of peoples selection in how they want to consider care of their own overall health!